What’s new in PyKE 3.0?

PyKE 3.0, first released in July 2017, is a major release which provides the following key improvements:

  • PyKE is now a pip-installable package and supports both Python 2 and 3;
  • tasks are now available both as command-line tools and Python functions;
  • PyKE no longer depends on PyRAF and is TESS-ready;
  • the tutorials have been updated for K2 and the documentation is now generated using Sphinx;
  • the development has been moved to GitHub to encourage user contributions.
  • the core code has been refactored to become more developer-friendly;


Previous releases of PyKE (v2 and older) contained a strong dependency on PyRAF which has now been removed. If you want to continue using PyKE within PyRAF, you can obtain the previous version of PyKE through the AstroConda channel. It is also available via the KeplerGO/PyKE repository on GitHub in the py27-pyraf branch. Note however that this older version is no longer actively developed or supported.