keptimefix: correct a time stamp error in the target pixel files

pyke.keptimefix.keptimefix(infile, outfile=None, overwrite=False, verbose=False, logfile='keptimefix.log')[source]

keptimefix – Correct a time stamp error in the target pixel files

All Kepler light curve and target pixel files with version numbers 5.0 contain an error in the time stamps. This was fixed in the light curve with version 5.0 (at MAST after May 2013). The timescale for fixing the target pixel files is unclear but in the mean time this script will fix the target pixel file time stamps and make the times consistent with the light curve files. The error in Q0-13 can be corrected by adding 66.184s. During Q14 there was a leap second added Q15+ can be corrected by adding 67.184s. This tool fixes the time stamp accordingly.


infile : str

The name of a Kepler target pixel file obtained from the MAST.

outfile : str

The name of the output FITS target pixel filefile. outfile will be a direct copy of infile but with the TIME column updates to be correct and consistent with the Kepler light curve files

overwrite : bool

Overwrite the output file?

verbose : bool

Print informative messages and warnings to the shell and logfile?

logfile : str

Name of the logfile containing error and warning messages.