kepstitch: append short cadence months and/or long cadence quarters

pyke.kepstitch.kepstitch(infiles, outfile=None, overwrite=False, verbose=False, logfile='kepstich.log')[source]

kepstitch – Append short cadence months and/or long cadence quarters

kepstitch takes a list of FITS light curves obtained from the MAST archive and concatenates them into one long table. Be aware that this task currently does not sort the table by time. If users must ensure that the input file list is ordered by increasing time. Also no attempt is made to correct for aperture and PSF differences across quarterly rolls. Light curves spanning multiple quarters are likely to be discontinuous at the quarterly boundaries. Both issues will be addressed in the future.


infiles : list of str

A list of individual FITS files. Most commonly these will contain data from the same target obtained over different months or quarters. Short cadence and long cadence data can be mixed within this list. Alternatively an ASCII file containing file names can parsed to this argument. The ASCII file must be formatted to have one FITS filename per line.

outfile : str

The name of the output FITS file with concatenated time series data.

overwrite : bool

Overwrite the output file? if overwrite = False and an existing file has the same name as outfile then the task will stop with an error.

verbose : bool

Print informative messages and warnings to the shell and logfile?

logfile : str

Name of the logfile containing error and warning messages.


$ kepstitch kplr012557548-2011271113734_llc.fits kplr012557548-2012004120508_llc.fits
../_images/kplr012557548-2011271113734_llc.png ../_images/kplr012557548-2012004120508_llc.png ../_images/kplr012557548-stitch.png