kepsmooth: smooth light curves by convolution with a choice of analytical function

pyke.kepsmooth.kepsmooth(infile, outfile=None, datacol='SAP_FLUX', function='flat', fscale=1.0, plot=False, overwrite=False, verbose=False, logfile='kepsmooth.log')[source]

kepsmooth – Smooth Kepler light curve data by convolution with a choice of analytical functions.

The smoothed data is copied to a new FITS file with the same structure as the input file.


infile : str

The name of a MAST standard format FITS file containing Kepler light curve data within the first data extension.

outfile : str

The name of the output FITS file. The output file is identical in format to the input file. The data to be smoothed will be overwritten in the output file by its convolved version.

datacol : str

The name of the data column in the input FITS file to be smoothed, e.g. SAP_FLUX, PDCSAP_FLUX, MOM_CENTR1 etc. A full list of archived data columns is provided in the Kepler Archive Manual.

function : str

The form of the smoothing function. A flat function is a moving average. The options are:

  • flat
  • hanning
  • hamming
  • bartlett
  • blackman

fscale : float

The width of the convolution function in units of days.

plot : bool

Plot the original light curve and the result of the smoothing?

overwrite : bool

Overwrite the output file?

verbose : bool

Print informative messages and warnings to the shell and logfile?

logfile : str

Name of the logfile containing error and warning messages.


$ kepsmooth kplr005110407-2009259160929_llc.fits --plot