kepdynamic: construct a dynamic power spectrum from Kepler time series data

pyke.kepdynamic.kepdynamic(infile, outfile=None, datacol='SAP_FLUX', pmin=0.1, pmax=10.0, nfreq=2000, deltat=10.0, nslice=10, plot=False, plotscale='log', cmap='PuBu', noninteractive=False, overwrite=False, verbose=False, logfile='kepdynamic.log')[source]

kepdynamic – Construct a dynamic (time-dependent) power spectrum from time series data


infile : str

The name of a MAST standard format FITS file containing a Kepler light curve within the first data extension.

outfile : string

The name of the output FITS file with a new image extension containing the dynamic power spectrum.

datacol : str

The name of the FITS table column in extension 1 of infile upon which the sequence power spectra will be calculated.

pmin : float [day]

The minimum of the period range over which the power spectra will be calculated.

pmax : float [day]

The maximum of the period range over which the power spectra will be calculated.

nfreq : int

The number of uniform frequency steps between \(1/pmax\) and \(1/pmin\) over which the power spectra will be calculated.

deltat : float [days]

The uniform length of each time slice from which a power spectrum will be calculated.

nslice : int

The number of time slices from which power spectra are calculated. These will be distributed uniformly across the input time series. If nslice is small there may be data gaps in the dynamic power spectrum. If nslice is large, the time slices will overlap. Both cases are valid.

plot : boolean

Plot the output Fourier spectrum?

cmap : str

A matplotlib colormap scheme.

non-interactive : bool

If True, prevents the matplotlib window to pop up.

overwrite : bool

Overwrite the output file?

verbose : boolean

Print informative messages and warnings to the shell and logfile?

logfile : str

Name of the logfile containing error and warning messages.


$ kepdynamic kplr002436324-2009259160929_llc.fits --datacol SAP_FLUX
--pmin 0.08 --pmax 0.1 --nfreq 500 --deltat 5.0 --nslice 500 --plot --verbose